Wedding Photos Sneak Peak!

Tuesday, August 19th, 2014

Sneak Peak wedding photo!

Yesterday, our wedding photographer sent me a sneak peak of our wedding photos. The rest should be done on Friday, and I can’t wait to post our favorites here!

Isn’t Nathan handsome? It just kills me how good looking he is.

So Says My iPhone

Monday, August 18th, 2014

This post brought to you mostly by cats.

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1. A case of early morning bedhead that I didn’t totally hate.

2. Double date documentation

3.-5. We really adore these little guys. I particularly like the photo of Georgia (the orange one) crawling on our dinner guest. She is a little bit reserved with us, but so so friendly with guests.

6.-7. A few snaps from the baby turtle release I watched. Definitely one of the coolest experiences ever!

There it is, guys.



A Month of Marriage

Saturday, August 16th, 2014

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Nathan and I have officially been married for a month this past week, and we felt that it deserved a little celebration. We ended up going to dinner at a noodle place that I have been dying to try. It was delicious, and I have been thinking about the Spicy Sesame Noodles since then. Basically, I can’t wait to eat them again as soon as possible (hint hint cough cough date night!).

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We live close enough to downtown that we can walk to all of the restaurants. The weather was perfect for a walk, and being able to explore the city was really fun. Our downtown isn’t really a bustling city center, but it does have a lot of great restaurants and farmer’s markets.

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Since we moved into our apartment, we haven’t really been able to explore the neighborhood much. I was fairly adamant that we eat somewhere local rather than a chain we have been to a million times before. The local restaurants here are so good, and I much prefer to support a local business.


Marriage, although I only have a month of experience with it, has already been the greatest thing I’ve ever done. It is so weird and wonderful to learn how to live with and love another person.

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Quiet Moments

Thursday, August 14th, 2014

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The busier my life gets the more I begin to absorb the moments throughout the day that seem still. The moments that drag on in the most delicious way.

The fifteen minutes between the time that Nathan’s alarm goes off and the time that I roll out of bed to make him breakfast while he hurriedly gets dressed for work. In those quiet, sleepy minutes he turns off his alarm and rolls over. He pulls me close to him, and mumbles about how he wishes not to get out of bed. His arms are warm and safe, and I sort of curse the sun for coming up and work for calling us away.

The few seconds that it takes to fill up the cats’ food bowls and hear their feet plod quickly across the floor. There is a comfort in providing for these soft, furry little creatures.

The hour that Nathan takes for lunch to sometimes show up unexpectedly at my office. 60 minutes of time with him right in the middle of the day makes me smile.

Those ten minutes at the end of the day when I work my way through the apartment locking the front door, turning off  the lights, and brushing my teeth. In those minutes I feel exceedingly thankful for the life we are living- for a door to lock and light switches to flip and kittens playing with my feet while I stand at the bathroom counter.

This life that I am living in is so beautiful, but it is so easy to lose track of that in the craziness that seems to mar the day-to-day. Nothing about any of the above occurrences is particularly overwhelming or “out of the ordinary”. In fact, all of them are very very ordinary. They all happen every. single. day. I think that is what is so wonderful about them, though. I can count on them. I can count on my loving husband. I can count on two cats that need me to feed and care for them. I can count on the routine of the end of the day. I can count on these things to tie up my day, count on them to string the not-so-quiet moments together.


On Becoming a Homebody

Tuesday, August 12th, 2014

Homebody 5

The last few weeks have been such a blur. Work, errands, life all seem to eat up precious hours during the day. Whatever the exact reason, I have been longing for more time at home these past few weeks. The hours at work seem to move more slowly at the end of the day, and I anxiously look forward to getting back home. I think I’m becoming a bit of a homebody.

Processed with VSCOcam with t2 preset
(The view from behind the window screen. That house across the street looks so lovely to me)

Our apartment has become a safe haven. I used to think that if everything wasn’t clean enough or styled enough or organized enough, then I wouldn’t be able to enjoy being at home. While I still can’t relax somewhere that is truly messy and disorganized, I have found that the slow progress that we are making getting fully moved in hasn’t bothered me much. I don’t mind coming home and working on the office or the still unsettled bedroom closet for a few hours before going to bed.

There is a glorious feeling of permanence to all of the cleaning and moving in. Slowly, we are settling into our house and the more loads of laundry that are washed, and TV shows that are watched, and dishes that are scrubbed the more grateful I feel.  I look around our tiny apartment and I see the life that we are making together. I see our shoes by the door, the pullup bar hanging in the office entryway, the coffee bar in the hall, the shaving cream on the bathroom counter, I see all of my things next to all of Nathan’s things, and I see two lives becoming one. That is exactly what you set out to do when you get married- you merge two individual lives into one partnership, you become one flesh, a union against all odds. And while there have been some growing pains and some stretching and stuffing, so to speak, as we pack our lives together, it has already been an incredible adventure.

This proof of our baby marriage, my sweet husband, and the two cats that we adopted have become my favorite things in the world.

Homebody 4

As per usual, photos brought to you by an easily accessible iPhone. Happy Tuesday!


Home Run

Wednesday, August 6th, 2014


Truth be told, since getting back from our honeymoon things have not been going so smoothly for Nathan and me. Our relationship is great, but it seems like a lot of other aspects of life have just been dumping on us. We figure that if it all hits us now then maybe we will get lucky and have smooth(er) sailing when school starts again.

Nathan was so so stressed for a while, and I felt like we needed a fun date. Lucky for us, the tickets for our Triple A ball team are cheap. I bought two seats and surprised him when I picked him up from work. It gave us something to look forward to all week, and thinking to buy tickets to his favorite pastime made me feel like a pretty good wife 😉





The back of his head is just soooo dreamy. (eye roll)


The last time we went to a game, Nathan caught two balls and saved my life by preventing one of them from hitting me square in the head. I definitely married him for his life-saving-baseball-catching skills. It was one of my better  decisions. IMG_3236





The weather was perfect and our team lost. It doesn’t matter, though. Nathan and I were able to spend time just us and top it all off with a slice of pizza (OKAY-a whole medium pizza). My idea of a perfect date, is what I say.



I’m glad you’re here!



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