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Wednesday, August 6th, 2014


Truth be told, since getting back from our honeymoon things have not been going so smoothly for Nathan and me. Our relationship is great, but it seems like a lot of other aspects of life have just been dumping on us. We figure that if it all hits us now then maybe we will get lucky and have smooth(er) sailing when school starts again.

Nathan was so so stressed for a while, and I felt like we needed a fun date. Lucky for us, the tickets for our Triple A ball team are cheap. I bought two seats and surprised him when I picked him up from work. It gave us something to look forward to all week, and thinking to buy tickets to his favorite pastime made me feel like a pretty good wife 😉





The back of his head is just soooo dreamy. (eye roll)


The last time we went to a game, Nathan caught two balls and saved my life by preventing one of them from hitting me square in the head. I definitely married him for his life-saving-baseball-catching skills. It was one of my better  decisions. IMG_3236





The weather was perfect and our team lost. It doesn’t matter, though. Nathan and I were able to spend time just us and top it all off with a slice of pizza (OKAY-a whole medium pizza). My idea of a perfect date, is what I say.



I’m glad you’re here!



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