Getaway to Eagle’s Nest Part 1

Tuesday, September 30th, 2014



Nathan and I took a fun little trip over the long weekend a few weeks ago. Nathan did all of the leg work and found a great little cabin at the last minute, and we headed to the New Mexico high country.


The landscape was gorgeous. Living in the desert, you get kinda used to everything just being brown and tan and dry. But as we were driving everything was green and blooming and lush.


Once you get out of the city, everything just clears out and opens up. All of a sudden we were on winding roads surrounded by cliffs and little rivers. We were headed to Eagle’s Nest which is past Taos and pretty close to Angel Fire. We would really like to go back in the winter when everything is covered in snow-although I am sure we wouldn’t get such a good deal on a room.


I’m glad you’re here!



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