Pima! Airplanes! Nathan’s Version of Heaven!

Wednesday, November 5th, 2014

[Mi-24. A Russian attack helicopter]

For this year’s Fall break we headed to see my Grandpa, and on the way home we stopped by the Pima Air and Space Museum. This museum may be Nathan’s most favorite place anywhere. It is full of old military planes, retired civilian airliners, and a big “boneyard” of airplane parts. Nathan is plane obsessed, and it makes me happy to watch him explore the museum every time we go. I also feel like I get an education each time- Nathan can rattle off facts about planes at an alarming rate.

[CH-37 transport helicopter]

[Sikorsky Sky Crane]

[Mig 15]

[B-58 Hustler (the “sexiest bomber ever” according to Nathan)]

[B-57 Canberra]

[Navy Helicopter]

My favorite part of the museum is in the yard where they have turned about six planes into art installations. These planes are decorated in wacky and beautiful ways, and they fascinate me every time I see them.











The museum’s website: here 

More on the art installation: here 

A listing of the planes at the museum: here

I’m glad you’re here!



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