Taking Stock December 2017

Wednesday, December 6th, 2017

Making: fruit bakes and better food choices. Try this recipe and feel free to use any fruit you want!  
Cooking: sweet potatoes, on repeat since Thanksgiving
Drinking: a green smoothie every night
Reading: a book about the yoga sutras
Looking: out my window and realizing that it feels surreal that I live in a house in a neighborhood. A big change from our college apartments.
Playing: podcasts all day long
Wasting: a bag of steam in the microwave veggies that just weren’t good.
Crafting: a blanket. I learned to crochet!
Wishing: Nathan was home. He’s only away for a three week training, but the time is just dragging by.
Enjoying: The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel on Amazon Prime.
Waiting: for the dishwasher to finish
Liking: pictures of Christmas decorations. It’s the most wonderful time of the year!!
Wondering: whether I’ll ever master present wrapping. This year’s Christmas presents suggest maybe not…
Loving: my sweet cats. I’m endlessly thankful for them every single day. 
Hoping: that December drags on and on. I love this season.
Marveling: at how wonderful it has been to live on post. I never realized how much I’d like our time here while Nathan is active duty.
Needing: Nathan’s big warm body back in bed at night. It is getting cold and he is my substitute for a heated blanket.
Smelling: pumpkin cake candle. I’ve finally used up my Fall candle and it is time for the Christmas scents.
Wearing: leggings- if possible, my style has become even more casual since moving here.
Following: less accounts. I’m trying to de-clutter my social media feeds.
Noticing: the ways that all the little things add up.
Knowing: that the best is both right now and still to come.
Thinking: that twinkle lights are the best decor.
Opening: the mailbox. Tis the season for amazon packages and Christmas cards!
Giggling: in the grocery store. Doing errands with friends is much better than accomplishing them alone.
Feeling: less stressed than I have in years.

I’m glad you’re here!



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