Tuesday, May 24th, 2016

Hey! I’m so glad you wandered over to my yoga page. Whether you are a long time yogi or a newbie that isn’t sure of the difference between a downward dog pose and the Labrador Retriever you had as a kid, I would be honored to join you in your yoga journey.

There is lots of awesome information here, but I’d also encourage you to check out my business page, Kurmasana Wellness at

I am a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT200) with the Yoga Alliance. I am fully insured and certified in CPR and First Aid, and you can be assured that your time spent practicing with me will be safe and professional.

Yoga is a beautiful way to heal and strengthen the body while also nourishing the mind. It is a joy to lead people in their yoga practice, and I love being a yoga teacher!

I am pleased to offer several opportunities to expand your yoga practice:

Private Lessons

A private lesson is a great way to dip your feet in the water if you feel nervous about attending a group class. It is also an excellent opportunity for individuals that would like to focus specifically on one aspect of their yoga practice or that have difficulty making a traditional group class work with their schedule.

Corporate Events

A yoga class would be an excellent team building activity for your staff! Corporate events are often filled with seminars and breakout sessions that involve a lot of sitting and not much moving around. A yoga class is the perfect opportunity for your team members to stretch their limbs and return to their jobs feeling refreshed and motivated.

Perhaps your company doesn’t hold a lot of seminars, but you would still love to offer a “wellness perk” to your employees. Weekly exercise classes are a growing trend in offices around the country.

I am available teach a class at your place of business on a regular or one-time basis that will energize you and your staff for the rest of the work week and contribute to team health and wellness.

Yoga reduces stress and tension, releases endorphins, helps to clear the mind, and increases the ability to focus. Every company wants a team that is stress free, healthy, and ready to work!

Private Group Classes and Events

Do you have a bachelorette party, a birthday party, girls’ night, or family gathering that needs a fun activity? I am available to lead a class at your special event!

I am also available to teach private group classes to groups of five or more people.

A private group class is an opportunity to have a great time with your friends in a class that is tailored specifically for your event or your group’s desires!

Sports Programs and Teams

Yoga is an excellent compliment to a sport or training regimen. I can design classes that will enhance training programs or sports practices and facilitate recovery through increased flexibility.


Any yoga class can be tailored to you or your group’s needs, desires, and skill levels. Classes can center on strength, meditation, flexibility, or almost anything else you may want to focus on. Adjustments and modifications are always offered to accommodate any skill or ability level.

If you would like to discuss prices or availability for any of the above opportunities, please email me at





I’m glad you’re here!



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